Commercial Electrician in Miami

Without electricity, it's next to impossible to run a business. Power outages and electrical problems can wreak havoc on a commercial endeavor, so if you are a business owner you need a trusted company that can lend a hand when you're in need. Solid Power Inc. is available to provide experienced, professional help for business owners in Miami to ensure your business can continue without lengthy power and equipment disruptions.

Whether you need help to resolve an electrical emergency quickly, or you are just looking for a responsible, licensed, bonded and insured commercial electrician to help with an electrical retrofit, setting up a backup generator, or installing new commercial light fixtures, Solid Power Inc. is the perfect choice for your needs.

We’re skilled in both high-voltage and low-voltage electrical work and are capable of seeing any project through, at rates that are right for your small business. Ready to get started? Call today for a free estimate!

Services Your Commercial Electrician Can Provide

As Miami’s dedicated team of licensed, bonded and insured commercial electricians, Solid Power Inc. is here to help your small business succeed. We work around the clock to be sure that when our customers need us, we’re available to provide rapid and reliable service.

Commercial Electrical Repairs and Installation

Not every electrical problem constitutes an emergency. If you need minor repairs or help with appliance or fixture installations, we promise to help out your Miami business in five business days or less.

Contact us for help with the following commercial electrical repairs and installation projects:

  • Malfunctioning commercial walk-in or chest freezers or fridges
  • Commercial light fixture installation or repair
  • Local rewiring of individual fixtures
  • Replacement of fuses or service panel upgrades
  • Minor appliance repair and troubleshooting

Emergency Commercial Electrical Work

Have an electrical emergency that needs resolving? Solid Power Inc. offers commercial emergency electricians at the ready––24/7. Your business can’t run without power, and a day of lost work can be a disaster for your bottom line.

When you dial one of our emergency commercial electricians, we promise to get back to you as soon as we’re able to––to help you resolve minor to major electrical problems. Most of our clients’ issues are resolved in as little as one or two days, depending on the size and severity of the electrical emergency.

Solid Power Inc. promises you reliable and rapid service at affordable rates. We’ll never gouge you or your business just because you’re in a tough spot. Call us for emergency commercial electrical work you can trust.

Electrical Services for Your Business

When you need electrical service and repairs, only a trained and certified commercial electrician should be used, and a Solid Power Inc. commercial electrician has the training, experience, and expertise necessary to help you. Get in touch with us when you need:

New Construction & Remodeling

The best way to ensure you have reliable electrical service is to have it done right in the first place. When you have a construction or remodeling project to be done, you’ll do well to ensure you hire a fully trained and licensed commercial electrician to ensure all of your commercial power needs are met. When your power is hooked up properly and within legal guidelines, the workplace becomes much safer and more efficient, and your equipment will operate more reliably. Solid Power Inc. is happy to offer new electrical construction and remodeling services to businesses renovating their existing properties or building new ones. When you work with us, you’ll always benefit from competitive rates.

Lighting Installation

Lighting is one of the largest sources of commercial electrical use, and you need to ensure your business has the lighting necessary to enable workplace efficiency, safety, and security. When you hire a trained and professional commercial electrician, he or she will give you a well-lit workplace using the most energy-efficient lighting; to save money on energy costs while giving you the best possible lighting.

Partnering with our trained and experienced commercial electricians, will provide you with optimal commercial lighting to showcase your products or to provide a pleasant work ambiance. Due to Solid Power Inc.’s insider knowledge on energy efficiency for businesses, you will also notice monthly savings on your power bill.

Backup Power Generators

Your business could lose its power at any time, due to causes beyond your control. It might be a car accident knocking out a transformer, a bad storm, local construction activity, or some other cause that shuts down your power. When that happens, you need reliable backup power – immediately. Otherwise, work production stops, and any perishable goods are endangered. Solid Power Inc. can help the commercial businesses of Miami to ensure they have power to continue production, even when your neighbors have no power.

Solid Power Inc. is Miami’s trusted service for backup power generator sales, maintenance, repair and installation for small businesses. Call us today and be prepared!

Avoid Electrical Hazards and call Solid Power Inc. today!

Shoddy electrical outlets, wiring, junction boxes, and other electrical equipment are unreliable and downright dangerous. Electrical fires are one of the top causes of commercial industry losses in Miami, and workplace injuries involving electrical shock can be downright deadly. To ensure workplace safety and reliable electrical service, a Solid Power Inc. commercial electrician can inspect your electrical systems, maintain them, and perform any needed repairs.

During out inspection, we will meticulously check every square inch of your electrical system to ensure everything is in good working condition. If we find inconsistencies, we can recommend a course of action, as well as the anticipated costs of any repairs.

The next time you need a commercial electrical work done in your Miami business, a Solid Power Inc. commercial electrician can ensure your workplace electrical work is done properly and ensure your service is as safe, efficient, and reliable as possible.

Commercial Electricians You Can Trust

With years of helping small-to-medium-sized businesses in the Miami area with all their commercial electrical needs, Solid Power Inc. is a team of commercial electricians you can trust. All our electricians are licensed, bonded, insured, and ready to help with a professional and reliable attitude.

Call today to work with the best commercial electricians in Miami!