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Homestead Electrical Panel

If your Homestead residence or commercial property requires an electrical panel upgrade or repair, partner with Solid Power Inc. We are your affordable, local electrical panel pros.

Our team of experienced, licensed electricians show up on time, with all the advanced tools and electrical equipment we need to safely and professionally install new power panels, circuits, sockets, wiring, and more.

Our reputation is built on delivering innovative, meticulously executed electrical inspections and installations at highly competitive prices. Connect with us via telephone or email for a free estimate, up-front quotes, and reliable, friendly service.

When to Upgrade an Electrical Panel

With years of experience working with home and business owners across Homestead, we at Solid Power Inc. have the depth of knowledge, training and certifications to deliver safe, streamlined electrical services to every part of your home.

Reasons to Call Our Electrical Panel Technicians:

  1. You are upgrading or adding new appliances to your home or office
  2. Lights are flickering or dimming
  3. Circuit breakers keep tripping
  4. Fuses blow often
  5. Your home or commercial building is unable to meet current or future power demands
  6. Your home or commercial structure is over 30 years’ old
  7. You have sensitive technical equipment that could be damaged as a result of fluctuations in voltage

Attempting to repair or upgrade of your electrical components is not recommended and can result in avoidable, potentially fatal personal injury.

To learn more about how we can add value to your renovation project, contact us today. We specialize in aligning your goal with your budget and delivering world class indoor wiring services.

Electrical Panel Installation

Upgrading the capacity of your main power panels and circuit breakers gives you the ability to increase amperage to accommodate today’s selection of modern appliances, like a new hot tub or a dream kitchen. Our vetted electrical panel pros don’t waste any time getting right to work for you.

When our work is complete, we’ll inspect and test all systems to ensure functionality and compliance. We’ll then clean up our tools and any working materials and debris, leaving your home or business respectfully tidy, like it was when we arrived.

At Solid Power Inc, we take our responsibility for installing safe, sustainable solutions very seriously, providing a plan to meet your voltage requirements both now and in the future. With strict adherence to Homestead building code and regulations, our technicians increase the value and safety of your investment and give you peace of mind.

Contact Homesteads Electrical Panel Pros

Our electricians are a friendly group of highly trained innovators offering high value electrical panel upgrades and a full-suite of technical services to our residential and commercial neighbours in Homestead and surrounding area.

Electrify your budget and keep costs low by getting in touch with us via phone or email, to discuss the unique specifications of your upcoming build, renovation project, or appliance upgrade.