Electrical Panel in Fort Lauderdale

You probably rarely think about your Fort Lauderdale home or business’s electrical panel, but you should give it some thought because it is one of the most important features of your building. Electrical panels are responsible for distributing electrical currents to the various circuits throughout your residential or commercial building in Fort Lauderdale.

Like any electrical appliance, over time, your home or business’s electrical panel will need some maintenance to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency. It’s possible that it will need an upgrade altogether. No matter what your electrical panel needs are, you can always rely on Solid Power Inc. to steer you in the right direction.

No home or business owner should ever take electrical matters into their own hands. Playing around with your electrical panel while being guided by a YouTube tutorial or blog post is a recipe for disaster. Whenever you have someone who hasn’t been properly trained and licensed to work with electricity, hazards are bound to happen. Rather than risk the safety of your property, let Solid Power Inc.’s trained technicians tackle your big and small electrical issues. We know the in’s and out’s of electrical panels to conduct the necessary work with certainty and safety.

If you have been experiencing problems with your electrical panel, call (305) 305-3619 today to get a free estimate from one of our licensed electricians in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Signs You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

A faulty electrical panel poses a threat to the building its in and that building’s occupants. Many people don’t realize that electrical panels have an expiry date. Of course, the expiry date varies on a number of different factors, but if you have noticed any of the symptoms below, it will be worth your while to invest in a panel upgrade.

Circuit Breakers Constantly Tripping

When a panel begins to wear down, it will be more susceptible to power surges in the wires. As a result, it will start to disconnect the circuits more frequently. This can also happen because your building’s energy needs have surpassed the capacity of the panel. If you find that you have been resetting breakers a few times a week when you rarely had to reset them more than a few times a year, then the panel is trying to tell you it needs repairs or a full replacement.

Electrical Fires in the Panel

Wires that wear down inside an electrical panel can create fires. They often burn themselves out quickly, but they will leave behind signs that they’ve occurred. If you smell an acrid odor from the panel or notice charring around the breaker, there has been a fire inside the panel. When you see this, call us immediately.

Breakers Will Not Remain Reset

Resetting a tripped breaker should take care of a problem under normal circumstances. But if it won’t stay reset or it doesn’t restore power, then there is a problem with the service panel that needs to be looked at by trained professionals.

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Electrical Panel Upgrades and Replacement in Fort Lauderdale

As your home gets older, its electrical panel may have difficulty keeping up with modern electrical needs. While our appliances like TVs, computers, HVAC systems and lights may be more energy efficient than ever before, all too often they all require energy at the same time. When there is too much electricity demanded of a circuit, the electrical panel’s breakers kick in to prevent an overload. In a worst-case scenario, the breakers trip when the wiring is overloaded, which can cause an electrical fire. To ensure your home and family’s safety, it is imperative that you get a trained electrician to upgrade or replace your electrical panel.

Call Solid Power Inc. if your home or business regularly:

  • Experiences Tripped circuit breakers
  • Experiences dimming lights when appliances are turned on
  • Uses extension cords or adapters to create additional electrical outlets

Our company provides top-quality electrical services to Fort Lauderdale customers, always completing projects safely and efficiently.

Working with electricity is no joke and we cannot endorse even the handiest of people doing this type of job themselves. Our experience is at your service, so please call (305) 305-3619 to speak to one of our technicians today.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Process in Fort Lauderdale

An electrical panel upgrade may be necessary to keep your Fort Lauderdale home and business up to code. Your home or business may contain outdated technologies, cheap builder-grade panels or panels that have been contaminated thanks to exposure to moisture or paint. If your building is over 40 years old, it’s never a bad idea to err on the side of caution and get an electrical panel upgrade to keep up with modern energy consumption rates.

Safety standards are the highest they have ever been. So, we are here to help anyone who wishes to be proactive about their safety.

When you contact Solid Power Inc. to upgrade your electrical panel, we will arrange an inspection so we know what we are getting ourselves into. Once that’s complete, an average electrical panel upgrade can take between eight and 10 hours to complete. When we are working on an electrical panel upgrade, we can also upgrade your meter socket and run a new main feed wire from the pole outside your home or business.

Once the upgraded panel is installed, your home will receive power problem-free for up to 30 years.

Choosing the Right Electrical Panel

An electrical panel’s size is often determined by two factors:

  1. Number of circuit breaker slots. The more circuits you have, the more breakers you’ll have. Therefore, you will need a larger panel.
  2. Amperage. The measure of electricity flowing into your home from the power company. Most Florida homes have 100-amp service, though an older home that’s yet to get an electrical panel upgrade may only have 40- or 50-amp.

Finding the right electrical panel size can be difficult. There are several different factors to consider, which is why our team of highly-trained electricians always perform an electrical demand load calculation to ensure you are getting an electrical panel that’s the perfect fit for your home or business.

Solid Power Inc.’s top-rated electrical panel upgrade and replacement technicians are ready and eager to make your home safe and efficient. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.