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For all your electrical needs, Solid Power Inc. is ready to serve. We are a team of leading full-service electricians offering services to homes and businesses all over Hialeah.

We can upgrade your space to include the latest, most efficient electrical features. We’ll help you save money and reduce your energy consumption. Whether you need repairs, upgrades, or installations, we can help.

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Experienced Team of Electrical Contractors

You need a safe, dependable electrical system that will supply all your consumption needs. With all the innovations in the electrical industry, your electrical devices and systems must be working properly to help protect your property, save on energy consumption, and decrease your environmental footprint.

Countless clients in Hialeah turn to Solid Power Inc. when they need certified electrical contracting. Our years of experience and expertise will keep your home or business heated, cooled, and powered effectively.

Streamlined Electrical Services

We serve both homes and businesses and have a commitment to safe, neat workmanship on each worksite.

If you are dealing with flickering lights, a lack of outlets, unreliable performance, or simply need a routine safety inspection, schedule an electrical examination. We will take the necessary safety measures when assessing your wiring, lighting, electrical panels, and heating. Based on our findings and the root of the problem, we will proceed with the repairs, corrections, or rewiring needed.

General Electrical Repair and Upgrades

Are you in need of dependable electrical repair? Our electricians are your source for electrical maintenance, upgrades, and general repairs. After troubleshooting the problem, we can restore your electrical system through alterations, part replacement, and more.

We will maintain the condition and performance of any electrical feature in your space. Our prompt inspections and repairs will add dependability and value to any home or business.

Electrical System and Appliance Installation

When the time comes to replace your appliances, you can count on us for the best electrical installations. Based on your consumption needs, we can suggest options for appliances and products.

We provide the following dependable electrical installations:

  • Rewiring
  • Appliance installation
  • Generators
  • Exterior and interior lighting
  • Solar panels
  • Water heaters

If you are in the midst of a construction or remodeling project, you can depend on us to supply your electrical needs. 

Skilled Electricians Serving Hialeah

Homes and businesses in Hialeah have depended on our superior electrical services for a number of years. Each of our electricians possesses years of experience and familiarity with the latest electrical features and options.

We have gained a reputation for our excellence and reliability.

When you find yourself in need of electrical expertise, our company is the name to know.

Keeping Your Space Efficient with Prompt Electrical Services

Solid Power Inc. has all your electrical needs covered. Our experienced team provides a full range of electrical services tailored to your needs.

Reach out to us for prompt availabilities and great rates. For more information or to schedule your electrical service appointment, call us at (305) 305-3619.

Hialeah Electrical Contractors

If you don’t know the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor, you don’t need to beat yourself up over it because very few people realize there is a difference between the two disciplines. Yes, both work with electricity and their expertise are invaluable whenever there is electrical work required, but that’s where the similarities end.

An electrician is a trained tradesperson who can assist you with repairs and installations of your residential or commercial property in the Hialeah area whereas an electrical contractor is a person or firm that performs specialized construction related to the design, installation and maintenance of electrical systems. This means when you are building something from scratch or remodeling an existing residential or commercial building and need a specialist to tend to all the electrical demands, you need to find a reliable, licensed and insured electrical contractor.

If you are a residential or commercial client in need of the professional assistance an electrical contractor can provide, your best bet is to contact Solid Power Inc. Solid Power Inc. has been proud to serve homes and businesses in the Hialeah area, designing, installing and maintaining all kinds of electrical systems. Since our first day as an electrical contracting firm, we have always done everything we can to make quality work our calling card.

For a free estimate on our electrical contracting services, get in touch with Solid Power Inc. today.

Residential Electrical Contracting Services

Whether you are planning a remodel, or you are going to build a custom home in the Hialeah area, you are going to need to power your home somehow. If you want to make sure that your new or remodeled home is free from any electrical issues, it starts with choosing Solid Power Inc. as your residential electrical contractor.

Solid Power Inc. should be your first choice when you need a residential electrical contractor because our team is extremely qualified and experienced. On jobs both big and small, you can always expect attention to detail, integrity and quality work at an affordable price. Just some of the things we can assist you with include:

  • Electric panel upgrades
  • Whole home surge protection
  • Permit and inspections
  • Residential installations
  • Code violation correction
  • Generator and emergency power hookup
  • Trouble shoot and repair services
  • Electrical appliance installation

Give us a call today to get a free estimate on the residential contracting service you require.

Commercial Electrical Contracting Services

Because their scope is typically much bigger than residential jobs, commercial electrical work is extremely complicated and needs to be conducted by a professional commercial electrical contractor. Solid Power Inc. has been making sure Hialeah businesses receive efficient and cost-effective commercial electrical contracting services to keep them up to code for several years.

When you require trained, licensed and insured professionals with our expertise, give us a call right away to get a free estimate on our services.

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For all your residential and commercial electrical contracting needs, Solid Power Inc. is proud to be your reliable, affordable one-stop shop for all things design, installation and maintenance. Get a free estimate when you call us today.