Miami Water Heater Installation Services

Without water heaters, it would be very difficult for Miami residents to take that hot shower in the morning. There is a lot more we would have to do without, but more often than not, the mere mention of being without that hot shower in the morning is enough to send people back to moments in their lives where cold water has snuck up on them and it makes them appreciate all that water heaters do for us.

Since no one in Miami, whether you’re a home or business owner, wants to be without hot water for an extended period of time, it's an absolute necessity that your water heater be installed by trained professionals. No matter how good you are with home improvement projects, your residential or commercial hot water is too important to a comfortable lifestyle to work through mistakes.

An improperly installed water heater can quickly run up your utility bill since it won’t be working at peak efficiency. Furthermore, when a commercial or residential water heater isn’t working at peak efficiency, it is more likely to wear itself down, meaning you’ll have to pay for a premature replacement.

Excuse us if we are wrong to assume that you don’t want to pay more for electricity every month nor do you want to have to pay for a brand-new water heater several years before you should. Of course, if you want to avoid either outcome, all you have to do is contact Solid Power Inc. and inquire about our water heater installation services.

Solid Power Inc. has been ensuring the safe installation of all kinds of electric water heaters all over the Miami area. Whether you’re a business or a private residence, our licensed and insured electricians have a ton of experience making sure that you get the hot water you need. So, call us today if you need reliable and efficient hot water in your Miami home or business.

The Installation Process

Solid Power Inc.’s electricians are extremely skilled at installing most makes and models of electric water heaters. This is how a member of our team will make sure that the installation is a success.

  • Remove the old water heater. Though it may sound simple enough, there are really several steps that need to be taken to make sure that the old water heater is safely removed. It must be disconnected from its power source, drained, disconnected from the water supply and then finally the tank is removed.
  • Position new heater in place. Bringing in the new tank, removing it from the box and maneuvering it into place is no small feat.
  • Connect the system. Once in place, the tank needs to be connected to the water and power sources. Once everything is connected, we will test it and adjust the settings as necessary.

The whole installation process takes between two and three hours and then you should have reliable, efficient hot water for over a decade.

Professional Water Heater Installation Team

We strongly recommend that if you are buying a new water heater, that you get it installed by the professionals at Solid Power Inc.. The reason is simple: we can help you cut your energy costs with a proper installation. Like most things, if your water heater isn’t tuned up properly, it will run inefficiently. And you’re going to pay for that every month.

Our water heater team is fully certified to install, maintain, and repair water heaters. We give our clients peace of mind knowing that their water heater will function at peak efficiency for years. And when the time comes to give it a tune-up or maintenance assessment, we’ll already have the information we need.

Easy and reliable. That’s the promise we make to our clients.

Durable and Long-Lasting Water Heaters

The last thing you want to do is replace your water heater sooner than you have to. Or worse, to have it break down at what will inevitably be, the worst possible moment. Our installation team is trained to install every major brand of water heater according to each manufacturer’s guidelines. By sticking to the manufacturer’s recommendations, we aim to install water heaters that our clients can rely on for years to come.

After the Installation: Water Heater Maintenance

For clients that want an extra degree of security, we strongly advise tune-ups and maintenance checks. A quick visit from one of our licensed contractors is all you need to make sure that your system is running at peak efficiency. Reduce the risk of breakdowns with preventative maintenance. It all starts with a manufacturer authorized installation, but you should continue with a maintenance plan.

No more breakdowns and no more sudden repairs. No more unexpected expenses! Get it all with our experienced water heater installation team.

A Client-First Approach to Water Heater Installation

Our loyal customers know us for two things: reliable installations and friendly technicians. We believe that it’s not enough to offer fast, affordable, and efficient service. That’s just the baseline. That’s the foundation. What makes us stand out, is that we combine this dedication to quality with polite, respectful, and always helpful service.

Ask every question you have—we have time! We’re happy to educate our clients on their new water heater or help them choose the right one for their needs. This level of customer service changes the whole experience. From the phone call to completion, we guarantee that every client gets to take advantage of exceptional, client-first service.

Installing the Industry’s Leading Water Heater Brands

We only install water heaters from companies that we would use in our own homes. After years of trials, reviews, and success stories, we know that we can trust the water heaters that we install. And we know that you will too.

Want to know which brands and models we recommend? Start by reaching out to an expert at Solid Power Inc.. Simply pick up the phone or click the button above to get the advice you need and the quote you want.

For fast, professional, reliable, and durable water heater installation services, call us now!

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